My son turned seven recently and wanted and Avengers themed party. First off were the invitations. I decided to create an Iron Man mask where the mouth slid down to reveal the party details. 

This is super simple to make. It only requires a printer, scissors and a glue stick.

  1. Download both the mask and slider pdfs.
  2. Open the invite details pdf and fill in the form with your specific details. If you want to match the font you can download the free font Stark from DaFont. There are form fields for your child’s name, child’s age and rsvp phone number. If your child’s name is too large you can adjust the size of the field by right clicking the field and choosing “properties.”
  3. Print out as many invites as you need.
  4. Cut out the mask and both slider pieces.
  5. Cut off the bottom part of the mask as you see in the first image. You’ll be attaching this to the bottom of the slider piece in a moment.
  6. Glue the single piece from the slider to the back of the mask near the bottom. You’ll only want to put glue near the left and right edges. The slider needs to be able to slide in freely.
  7. Put the slider in the mask and glue the bottom part of the mask on.
  8. Enjoy!