My other passions and pursuits vary and change as time goes on but these are the things currently I’m most consistently fond of:

– buying books for my Kindle and reading some of them, playing Super Mario Bros. with my family, watching movies and prestige TV shows, Denver sports teams, drinking way too much hand-crafted coffee, cans of Coke Zero, a nice spicy yet smooth cabernet, Arsenal FC, listening to film scores, playing Carcassone, being involved in my church, designing fun and beautiful things and stalking B&H Photo Video for any new gear I can add to my collection.

I’m a former high school athlete who thinks I was better than I really was even though I have the letter jacket to prove it ;) I still love to play volleyball, flag football, softball, racquetball, and anything else that gives me an excuse to exercise my competitive nature. Oh, and speaking of competitiveness, I’m probably better at Guitar Hero than you are ;)

In 2016 and 2019 I co-authored and designed a couple of books. The first was technically a best-seller as it hit number 49 on the EPCA list. I will always regret not beating out Patchwork of the Heart: An Adult Coloring Book for spot number 47.

My 15 minutes of fame came when I created a website for movie star Rachel McAdams which was discussed and promoted by Rachel and Conan O’Brien on the Tonight Show. The site then crashed from the overwhelming amount of traffic that came in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve been on the web since the mid90’s and my personal site has been evolving in form and function since around 1997 (shoutout to GeoCities!) Currently, it’s more of a work and photography portfolio but if you dig you might find some writings on various topics ranging from being a first-time dad, books I’ve read, and my immature thoughts on current culture and issues.

If you want more you can follow me on TwitterDribbble, and Instagram.