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One Year Bible Reading Poster

Last year we made a big push for the people in our church to read the Bible together. To make this as easy as possible we adopted a one year reading plan with specified readings for each day.

The readings were available in the popular Bible App, in our own Creek Church App, and small printed cards people could pick up at the church.

We encouraged everyone to read for the joy of reading and not to feel pressure to "check off a box" by doing the reading every single day. We specifically did not want to guilt people into reading the Bible.

Over the past year we had a lot of success with numbers of people from our church posting on social media and having personal conversations about the Scriptures because they were reading the same passages as one another.

We are again pushing this out to our church, and this time I've made a poster with each day's readings. It's formatted to fit an 18x24" size frame (anything smaller and it gets really hard to read) and has a very simple and clean style.

Maybe next year I'll make it into a combination of reading/planning calendar for your wall.

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