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Unite - Remembering A Thief in the the Night

This past week a legendary Christian filmmaker, Russell S. Doughten Jr. passed away. He is most famous for his Thief in the Night series which portrayed the Rapture and subsequent events in the biblical chronology of the end times.

I personally only remember seeing bits and pieces of the films but several scenes (like the guillotine ones) stuck with me growing up.


While the films used more of a "scare people to Jesus" tactic they were effective in getting the message out and have been viewed by millions of people.

I recently sat down at re-watched the first film with a couple friends. While we had a good time poking fun at the dated references and identifying local landmarks (including a few in Carlisle where I'm moving) we appreciated what the film was trying to do. The editing and cinematography was well done for the genre and helped to pave the way for the modern Christian film.

In memory of the film series I created a propaganda poster for the evil organization UNITE portrayed in the films as the vehicle the Anti-Christ uses to dominate the world.

Download a small version here for free.