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Periodic Table of the Bible

I am excited to be able to launch this graphic! Prominent blogger Tim Challies gave me the idea and asked me to create it for his Visual Theology series. I much prefer these kind of weekend projects instead of snow shoveling or home repair! Just a bit of background on the graphic. The point was to get as much general information about the books as possible while keeping the format simple. Obviously there are a lot directions that the graphic could take but we choose to keep it limited to a few bits of information. A couple ideas that didn't make it in were to list the books by relative size as well as chronological order. It's quite possible those will make it into a future graphic.

My theology is conservative so the authorship and dating of the books will reflect that.



High Resolution PDF

The pdf is all vector so it should be suitable for scaling up to any size you wish. There are two flavors - one is the standard graphic that would be good to send to a print shop and the other has a white background in case you want to print it yourself.

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PDF with white background

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