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New Year's Project

I've never been one for New Year's resolutions. It always seemed kind of silly to base life change off of a date. But even still one can't deny that a new year brings the feeling of newness or the desire to elicit change. In recent days I've been influenced and inspired by a couple of sources. First I recently saw some killer posters of tv shows designed in a minimal style. I really liked this project and decided to make my own. I'm almost done with this and will post about the completed set in the near future. Until then if you want, you can see the progress in my dribbble profile.

The other source of inspiration came from a link in a blog post that pointed me to Jim LePage's Word project. In his project he wanted to read through the Bible and create prints based on themes of books and specific passages. Some of his work is incredible and stirred in me a desire to do something similar.

I love creating one sheet prints and posters and really enjoy working with a minimal set of colors and graphics. Our projects would differ a bit in that I want my set to reflect more on the story of Jesus throughout the Bible. I would love to show through minimal art how the Gospel threads its way through the whole of Scripture.

One of the books we've gotten our kids is the Jesus Storybook Bible. Its seriously one of my favorite books because it presents Jesus as the hero of the Bible and shows how His story is written throughout scripture. The art in the book is very cool as well.

So there it is. My project for this next year would be to start with Genesis and as I read through the Bible this next year create some cool art that depicts the Gospel and the story of Jesus maybe in a way not yet expressed.