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New Beginnings

The season of life that I find myself in is one that is ever changing and bringing new things. For one, its my birthday so its the start of a new year of life. As a family we just made had our first major Vacation and first trip to Disney World. As I’ll write about Monday I’m starting a new season of work in which I leave behind what I’ve done for the past ten plus years and start down a familiar, but new path.

I’ve also entered a new season in which I’ve decided to make a concentrated effort to write more. For the past few years I’ve written very sporadically on this blog and mostly about family. While that will continue I’ll be purposefully writing more about the books I read, the ministry I participate in, WordPress development, design and about other items which catch my fancy.

I’ll be shutting down my blog at to any new entries and while the content I’ve written in the past will stay there, any new content I write about WordPress or design will live here.

I’m commemorating the occasion with a new design and as I looked back at the previous iterations of this particular blog the design changes have always been met with some sort of major life change.

Lastly, I am a follower of Jesus and my entire life and worldview revolve around that and are seen through the lens of Christianity. I make no apology for that.

I will hold nothing back. What you’ll find here you may not like or agree with but it will always be honest.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new content and join on the conversation as I write.