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Still Virbtacular

A few weeks ago I wrote about the new social networking site called Virb. I still think it's the best social site in terms of what it allows the individual to do with their pages. You have full control over the CSS and even the html (which is rare and cool). This allows people to do some really cool things with their profile pages. I worked on mine for a couple days and I think it ended up pretty nice. You can see it here. I was fortunate to get noticed a bit as well. My profile ended up being featured on the "Virb Is" page which is reserved to show newcomers to the site what the site is capable of. They tend to feature unique and cool profiles so being included was a big honor and pretty cool.

My profile also caught the eyes of several other sites that feature interesting profiles. and have featured my profile.

Since designers and creative types have gravitated toward Virb I've met a lot of new interesting people. Hopefully I'll be able to collaborate with some of them on future projects.

If you still don't have a Virb profile what are you waiting for? Get over there, sign up and join in the frivolity!