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My Running Diary of 24

I've never kept a running diary before so I'm jumping into uncharted waters. Sit back and relax and prepare to be catapulted into my weird and odd observations as I watch 24. If you haven't seen it yet - spoilers to follow. No injury can keep Jack down.

Hmmm, anybody think those nukes won't make to the necessary facility???

Doyle got something up his sleeve - he's been waaay to nice lately.

Why can't the Chinese just get over it already?

Dang Morris and his component...he's the reason all of this has gone down.

Hmmm Jack has 1 hour to get the component...1 hour...1 hour...could there be any significance to probably not...

I love the nicotine patch on Gary Payton's (Wayne Palmer) neck

Did Carrot Top re-incarnate and turn into Shawn White?

Just saw the preview for "The Condemned". I thought the wrester posing as an actor movies would end with the Marine.

Wow! We finally found a resignation that Gary Payton would accept.

It's official. Those Mac/PC ads are annoying.

Does anyone every tell Jack no?

CTU needs a stringent no-relationship policy.

Silver Spoons needs an attitude adjustment and our favorite CTU agent is just the person to give it to him.

Guess the the Glove needed a stronger nicotine patch. Yippee! More Powers Boothe! Who can we nuke next? My vote is for Canada.

This week should have been one of those double header episodes because there was no resolution at all. It's as if the writers got done with the season and realized they only had 23 hours. So they drew out the beginning of Jack's new mission. This might be the first episode in the history of 24 where it actually took someone 30 minutes to drive somewhere...

Well, it's been fun. Stay alive Jack.