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What to do and the September Shuffle

Mickie and Mia will be gone next week. Mickie is going on a girl trip to Indiana to visit friends and Mia is going to Grandma and Grandpas in Burlington. So that leaves me all by myself. The question is what should I do with all of this free time? The early votes are golfing, mowing the lawn, and snipe hunting. I need some good ideas - leave them in the comments section. Here is September's Shuffle on my iPod. Remember the rules:

  • Shuffle Your Songs
  • Report the first 5 five - no cheating
  1. Ending Credits from the Napoleon Dynamite Soudtrack - Sweet!
  2. A Quiet Interlude by the David Crowder Band on the album A Collision
  3. Valentine by Jim Brickman on the album Picture This
  4. Trudog-the Return by TobyMac on the Welcome to Diverse City album
  5. We Will See Him as He Is - 1998 FBBC Summer Ministry Teams - the one I wasn't on...
Napoleon DynamiteA CollisionPicture ThisWelcome to Diverse City