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I Think I'm Getting Old

Friday night Mickie and I went on a date. We haven't been on too many since Mia was born and we really need to go on more, but that's not the point. We were walking around the mall going into the stores that we like, Gap, Baby Gap (where Mickie found a pair of pants for Mia for .47 - yes that decimal is not misplaced they were actually forty-seven cents...) the Apple Store, Pottery Barn and some others. I happened to be looking for some pants to wear to work - something very casual khakis or cargo pants. I normally buy most of those kind of things at the Gap but they had diddly so Mickie asked if I wanted to go into American Eagle. Now, I'm not sure if there was a polar shift or other weirdness going on but we both kind of stopped and then had a conversation about whether or not we are still allowed to go into those kind of stores. When are you no longer supposed to go to American Eagle, Abercrombie, Hollister, The Buckle etc...? At what point do you look like a desperate loser trying to fit in with a generation younger than you? We must have passed this point because neither of us felt comfortable going in any of those places. Is it a certain age? Is it when you have kids? Is it a certain weight? Or are we just off our rocker? Maybe its when you start using phrases like "off your rocker."

Anyway help us out and let us know if we are still cool enough to shop where the cool kids shop.