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The Adventure Continues...

Our House is SoldIn our ongoing quest for new realestate we had to take care of one minor detail - sell our own house. We actually sold it a couple weeks ago but I was wainting for the realtor to put a "sold" sign on it so I could take a picture and include it with this article.So our house is sold and thankfully we have already found a new house to move into. If everything goes well we will be out and in around the end of July.

I'ts kind of sad to leave here since we had so many firsts in the house. It was our first house, Mia was born and all of our first memories of her will be here. But it is very exciting to be moving to an actual "house" that isn't connected to anything but itself. Even though we owned our townhouse there is still something that makes you feel like it isn't completely yours.

Hopefully I'll get some pictures of the new place soon and let you all know where we are going.