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Happy Birthday Mia

Dear Mia, mia day oneToday you turn two. I can't believe how fast it has come. I always hear other parents older than me talk about where the time has gone, and even though I roll my eyes at the tired cliche, it is very true. I still can't believe God would allow me to be responsible for someone so precious. I pray every day that I will be a better dad than yesterday.

You have taught me so many things already. I have learned how to have more patience, I have learned to be gentle, I have learned to keep an eye on you at all possible times...and I have learned to love more.

I can't imagine life without you. Just a couple weeks ago you and your mom were gone for several days. I thought at first it would be nice to have some time to myself to get things done, but there was an incredible emptiness in the house. It was then I realized how much I love you and how much I love being a father.

Mia birthdayYour sense of humor is amazing. When you fall down particularly hard you look up and say, "bonk" and then keep on doing whatever you were doing. And the cool thing is, you know when you are being funny. You know that every time you put that bucket on your head and run into things your mom and I will laugh our heads off.

My heart wells up with pride every time I see you accomplish something new and you never cease to amaze me. Just the other day you climbed all the way up the ladder at the park with no help, you can change a DVD in and out of the player and then proceed to naviagate the menus to get it to play...(what???). You will always amaze me and I will never stop being proud of you.

miaMy favorite thing however is when you say "Daddy lay down?" which translated means: "I'm not quite ready to go to bed yet so will you lay down with me for awhile?" And we do. You tell me stories about your day and I sing your song. You just recently have been handing me a pillow saying, "here you go buddy." That cracks me up too. And after we have laid there awhile you stand up and give me a big kiss, normally on my chin and say "own bed?" which I hope means: "Thanks for hanging out with me daddy. I feel safe and loved now and I am ready to go to sleep." Maybe.

I love you so much and I can't wait to see what you will do and become in the years ahead.

Happy brithday princess.

love, Daddy.