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So, what's with the title? I would be interested to hear what your initial thoughts were when you read the title? Did I have a bad tire, did I get really mad, did Mia's diaper leak? Nope, none of the above. Believe it or not is has to do with a sporting event. I was invited to go with Pastor Dave to the Drake UNI football game tonight. And so I went. The game was really close for the first 5 minutes and then UNI put up 42 points in the first half. So while the game wasn't that exciting there were a few things that were. Let me share them with you. First of all it was my first experience "in the dome." This is a big deal in Iowa. We have a dome. The UNI-Dome. Nothing real spectacular, but it is a fun place to watch a game. They obviously play on Astro-turf which brought back fond memories of high school football and rug burns. The second exciting experience was the fact that I bought a hot dog inside the stadium of a live sporting event for under $10. In fact there was a special going on for these "Dome Dogs." They were only $1. No, they wern't little weinies. (Is that how you speall weinies?) You know the little minature sausage things on a toothpick? By the way I normally suck on those toothpicks for awhile cause they still have the taste of BBQ... Anyway, back to the hot dogs. Yes $1! I got 2. And that was about it for the exciting experiences. Sorry if I got your hopes up and now you are disapointed. If so then you can add in: the roof of the dome blew off and we were exposed to a bright light which looked like an alien craft after which the players were switched for alien counterparts, yet the dome dogs were still only a dollar.

Next. I think I am really sick or something because I am not pumped up for football season like I should be. Maybe I'm too depressed after watching nothing but baseball hightlights for what seems like 30 years. Someone tackle me.

There are a few spots left for my Yahoo Fantasy Football leasgue if you would like in. Email me by tomorrow morning and I will get you the details.

One interesting side note: On the way home from the game we stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and they had Coke imported from Mexico in glass bottles. Huh? Yeah, that's what I said. When I asked the cashier about it, she replied nonchalantly that they always have them. Hmmm, well alrighty then. I bought 2.