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Movie Review - The Aviator

The Aviator (2-Disc Widescreen Edition)Well, just got finished with the Acadamy Award nominated film The Aviator. It wasn't a bad movie but it's one of those where about 2 hours into it you get up to look at the back of the dvd to see how much longer this thing is going to be... As it turned out we still had 50 minutes to go. Waaaay to long in my opinion. It was an interesting biopic about someone I really didn't know anything about. I have heard the name Howard Hughes, been told about the Spruce Goose, and of course know of TWA and Katherine Hepburn, but now I know the whole story behind them... I guess in my opinion the only redeeming quality of the movie is that is based on a true story. I am a sucker for true stories. Tell me it's based on fact and I will probably want to see it. Leonardo DeCaprio did a very good job, so good in fact that I wanted to throw my pizza at the tv during his irritating insane spasms. I think they could have cut about all of those in half or completely out and the movie would be under 2 hours and a lot better.

But for all the irritating stuff I still found myself wondering how it will all turn out and I guess if I am still interested by the end I can't complain too much. In fact Mickie (who does not like to stay up late for movies) had to see how it turned out. I won't spoil the ending because there is nothing to spoil. It just ends, which was a little weird. I guess I expected him to commit suicide or something.

After doing some searching on Google - I learned the real truth behind Howard Hughes. The movie portrays him as a pioneer and a hero when it appears he was much much less. There is a good biography on this site.

So, if you are interested in learing a bit about American history and have a spare 3 hours on your hands you might want to see it - otherwise go watch some paint dry.