My journey to the “New Calvinism” as all the cool kids are calling it, started with a short film.

It was the one where Rob Bell is for whatever reason hiking in the woods with his infant son under the threat of a rainstorm. The rain did come and as Rob in his awesome glasses ran John Woo slow-mo through the trees, I thought it was the coolest Christian thing I had ever seen. Of course consider the source. I grew up with emo Jesus flannel-graph and a Sunday night program called Eager Beavers…

While Bell’s Nooma videos and early book Velvet Elvis ultimately would not satisfy my longing for something greater in the world of Christendom it did open the door for me to look.

And as I looked I discovered Mark Driscoll who taught me how to love Jesus and my family.

I found Tim Keller who brought the Bible to life in ways I had never considered.

I listened to John Piper who rather than shaming me into a love for God, was able to inspire a love for God by showing His absolute glory and beauty.

And through CJ Mahaney and Tullian Tchividjian I learned that the Gospel wasn’t just for my salvation, but something to center my whole life on.

In short I am the poster child of the New Calvinist movement.

Tim Challies and I in our latest infographic take a look at the formation and life of this movement, that in 2009 Time Magazine said was “changing the world.” 

Click here or on the graphic to view & download a high resolution version.