Josh Byers

Fortnite Party Pack

DIY Fortnite Party Pack

DIY Fortnite Party Pack


Create the perfect Fortnite Party!

What is included in the Party Pack?

Full List of Supplies

  • Create Chug Jugs

  • Supply Drops

  • Create Battle Passes for each player

  • And much much more!

Eight High Resolution Printable Labels

  • chug jug

  • slurp juice

  • ammo box

  • small and large bandages

  • Boogie Bombs

  • Battle Pass

  • Drop Bag

Four Super Fun Games

  • Complete prep

  • Instructions

  • Printables for games

  • Helpful hints on how to run the game

High Resolution Fornite Map

  • Use for posters or signs

  • Create invitations

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