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Exodus Redemption Realized

Exodus Redemption Realized


About the Poster

The Exodus is a multi-layered and very important theme throughout the Bible. One of the most fascinating things to me is how much the Exodus and all of the things surrounding it point to the gospel and our future redemption in Christ. We see the gospel in everything from God passing-over and saving those who had the blood of a lamb over them to the theme of breaking free from bondage and slavery and being ushered miraculously into a new redeemed life.

The graphic is split into two parts. The first is in the Old Testament and traces every instance where the phrase “out of Egypt” was used. The books are then arranged in size by the amount of times the phrase was used. Each circle in the OT section is incomplete as the Exodus was only a type of the ultimate future redemption to come.

In the NT we have complete circles representing the fulfilled redemption in Christ. Here I’ve traced every instance where the words freedom or salvation are used. The size of the circles indicates the number of times the words were used.

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