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Link Roundup for February 20th

As always, here are few things I found interesting as well as some funny tweets.

Behind the Scenes of the Lego Movie
Read and see how the creators of the Lego Movie were able to make it look like real Legos. In fact if you wanted to, you really could build the entire movie.

Why Diners are More Important Than Ever
Great article that talks about the importance of using food and locations to connect with others. Its a good reminder for Christians to be in the culture and celebrating with others.

Has Visual Design Fallen Flat?
Flat design (a reductive but useful shorthand) didn’t just kill skeuomorphism (ditto), it danced on its grave and then erased every last trace of beveling, shadow, and granite texture from the headstone. So, what's next?

Stock Photos that Don't Suck
I'm always looking for good stock photos. Most of the time I try and take my own, but when time constrains you here are some great options that don't have the cheesy stock photo look - e.g. - some person smiling wearing a headset while sitting at the cleanest desk known to man.

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