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Did Jesus Rise From the Dead? [Infographic]

One thing that could destroy Christianity would be to prove that the resurrection of Jesus was not true.

The Apostle Paul says so in 1st Corinthians 15:14. If the resurrection were not true, we would be the most foolish of people to continue believing what we believe and living how we live.

However, I believe that the resurrection of Jesus really did happen. And while faith is always a key component to following God, my faith is not an unreasonable one. I want to know that the things I believe aren't just myths. I want to ask the hard questions. I don't want to blindly follow claims.

When it comes to the resurrection we ask hard questions and learn the facts. Once we know the facts we can draw very plausible conclusions based on these known facts. To simplify this process and to present it visually, my colleague Zach Dietrich and I, came up with the infographic asking and answering the question: Did Jesus rise from the dead?

[Note that nearly all of contemporary scholarship, believer and skeptic alike, attest that the known facts are true.]


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