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Link Roundup for January 9

Here are some of the interesting things I've found. Now they're yours.

The Master Counterfeiter
A GQ long form read profiling Frank Bourassa who made nearly over $200 million in nearly flawless fake $20 bills from his barn in Canada.

The 50 Best Documentaries on Netflix
I love good documentaries so this list is is super helpful trying to decide what to watch next. The one that should have absolutely been on the list that isn't is Kevin McDonald's Touching the Void. He documents the true story of two climbers and their perilous journey up the west face of Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. 

Has the Church Overlooked YouTube?
"YouTube is the most underrated and underutilized social network by church leaders and churches. When you consider that behind Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, the Church is missing a huge opportunity to be found in those searches."

A Really Cool Square Stand for iPad
We used iPads at our church connect desk and I would love to invest in these stylish stands. So many iPad kiosks and stands are ugly and boring. Not these.

The Great Escape Room
A real life escape adventure game with secret passageways, hidden compartments and clever clues. You are your friends are trapped and have 60 minutes to find your way out. This is a theme park attraction that looks awesome. Wish there was one closer.

Honest Book Covers
This link is a bit self-serving but too fun not to post. I photoshopped some hilarious book title tags on the actual covers to make them a little more "honest."

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