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Link Roundup for January 23

Here is number of fun and interesting things I've found while perusing the interwebs.

Which Coffee Chain Dominates Your City?
Coffee chains love the coasts and large cities. I didn't realize how much Dunkin' Donuts dominates Starbucks.

The Vatican is Digitizing All Their Manuscripts
Nearly 2000 years of church history and close to original manuscripts will be available for the public. You can even read them on your iPhone - well if you can read ancient Greek.

Retro Lego Sets - Nintendo, Cameras and More
One of the coolest things I've come across in a long time. Want to build an old NES complete with games and controllers out of legos? Here are the guides. You can even buy the sets if you don't have the pieces needed.

If Apple had Designed the Nintendo
Also on the Nintendo front... Imagine if Jonny Ive had designed the original NES. It might have looked a bit like this.

Man Attacked, Suffers Brain Injury, Now a Mathematical Genius
In 2002, two men savagely attacked Jason Padgett outside a karaoke bar, leaving him with a severe concussion and post-traumatic stress disorder. But the incident also turned Padgett into a mathematical genius who now sees the world through the lens of geometry.

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