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Link Roundup For January 16

Its Friday and these are the fun things you need to be spending the rest of your afternoon looking at.

Your Church Needs a Blog Editor
This blog editor could ask leadership to spend one day a week for 30 minutes writing a synopsis of the sermon or next step challenge. Then they take that content, format it and edit it for the blog, and post it.

Things that Get Under My Skin
If you've ever flown with your baby you'll love this webcomic/infographic.

Bloom Blanket
An amazing geometric shaped blanket that looks like it comes from the imagination of M.C. Escher.

Tony Anderson - The Sonic Architect
We use his music all the time for our videos. He has an amazing story to go along with his amazing soundtracks.

Magnetic Hangers
Hooks: good for pirates, annoying for clothes. The hooks on clothes hangers get caught in loose knits, get tangled with each other, break off, bend, and do all kinds of other irritating things. But what if we could get rid of the hooks altogether?

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