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Link Roundup

Each Friday I post really interesting things I found on the interwebs.

I now share them with you my friends.

Inside FiftyThree's New Office Space
The renowned maker of iOS app Paper just created their own office. This would be a fantastic space to work. Tons of natural materials, light and superior craftsmanship.

Send Your Own Personal Satellite to Space
Did you know you could hitch a ride with a Russian rocket to space? Neither did I but here is a site that gives you a schedule for major launches and how much it would cost to send up your personal satellite with them.

Rolling Stone Got The Inside Scoop On the Flappy Bird Story
I read this and did feel for the developer and had a better insight into why he took the popular game down from the iOS app store. [there is a bit of NSFW language]

Let It Go from Frozen [Metal Instrumental Version]
Next time my kids request the Frozen soundtrack I'm putting this on. Seriously, some amazing talent here.

Noah's Ark Movie Featurette
This short clip gives you a behind the scenes look at the movie and gives you a true idea of how big not only was the production ark (which they built to scale) but how absolutely massive the original ark was.

The Perfect Mini Golf Game
One of the rarest feats ever and a really intriguing short film.

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