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Putting Up the Pool

Summer time is here and it was time to put up the pool. My awesome bargain hunting wife upgraded our pool last fall to a 12' wide, 36" deep, 1800 gallon, container of joy. The pool's original price was over $100 and she got it for $15. Score! Unfortunately it was missing the pump and filter so the good deal has turned into a bit of a hassle but hopefully we'll get it resolved. I also wanted to note that the brand name of this pool is "Easy Set" because it is very "easy to set up." Interestingly enough they felt a need to include a dvd of instructions. Somehow I don't think it would be "easy" to run back and forth from my living room to the pool... The booklet of instructions that came with it worked just fine.


Not only did we get it resolved but we came out even further ahead then we already were! I took the pool box back to WalMart not expecting much since Mick bought the pool over 8 months ago (note: it was on clearance but not because it was missing parts - it was out of season). But the people in Customer Service were very helpful. When they determined that they did not carry the same model of pool anymore they had me pick up a separate pump that they sold. I was thinking they would give me a discount on it or something because it was a $70 pump but they gave it to me outright! That was very cool and a great customer experience.