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Fun Game for your NCAA Championship Party

Our youth group had our annual Final Four Frenzy activity this past Saturday. Most of the time the students really don't care about watching the games, its mostly just a time to hang our with their friends. But this year we introduced a new game that got everyone watching and totally into the game - even the girls. Its called Scoreboard Bingo and this is how it works.

Every person has a 5x5 bingo sheet with random numbers in each square. Our numbers only went up to 40 but you could do it as high as you want. I found a site that generates these bingo sheets for free which saved us a ton of time.

You pick a team to follow and if that team's score lands exactly on one of the numbers at any time on your sheet you get to color it in. Get five in any row and you have a bingo.

It was really cool because everyone was following every basket hoping that their team would hit a three, get fouled, or any other combination to get points. It worked very well.

Some people however were knocked out very quickly so you might want to do a free space in the middle or have more squares. You could really modify it to suit you any way you want:

  • First person with 3 in a row
  • First person with 10 squares colored in
  • First person not able to have a bingo anymore and so on...

In the first game on Saturday I picked Michigan State and somehow got three different bingos on my sheet - it was incredibly lucky!

If you have any ideas for modifications post them in the comments below.