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Mr. Mom

It shouldn't come as a surprise but I wanted to get it on the record.  My wife is awesome. I love my kids but I am not wired to stay at home and do all the mom stuff on a day-to-day basis.

Mickie worked a 12 hour shift today so Mia, Jace, and I hung out.  We started off great.  Jace slept till about 8:30 and took his bottle like a champ when he woke up.   I got everyone dressed and packed in the car and we headed into town to do some grocery shopping.  We needed to hit both Wal-Mart and Target for some essentials.  Both kids were awesome.  Jace slept most of the time and Mia helped me find everything I couldn't see on the bottom shelf.  She even tried to sneak some snacks into the cart...

Because of the coupons Mick had sent along we saved almost $30 off our bill.  That rocks.

Speaking of rock... After the groceries were bought we made a detour to Best Buy.  I have some gift cards still from last Christmas and was finally going to purchase the new Guitar Hero.  Unfortunately they were completely sold out - but only for the Wii.  There were plenty for every other game system.  We still had a good time though.  Mia had a blast playing the drums on the demo set.

We got home, I fed Jace again and Mia and I played Mario Kart for awhile.  I was very impressed at how much she has improved.  She can actually complete a lap and there were several times that she didn't come in last against the computer.  I would say that she'll probably be beating me soon but I wouldn't let that happen...

While Jace took his afternoon nap I put up Christmas 5 degree windchill.  That was fun...  I'll put up some pictures when they are all done.

After we had some supper, Mia and I cleaned the house and were all ready for mom to get home.

Fun day - but not one I would want to do daily.  I love my wife.

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