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Summer Vacation

SunshowerThis summer we went on our bi-annual excursion to Winter Park, Colorado. It's hard to believe that I've been going up there for the past 26 years (with a couple missed here and there). Not much has changed except for a few stores. The town and the resort are nearly exactly like I remember them each there (except for the ridiculous prices that double each year). Even though much is the same, this year was very exciting because Mia is old enough now to start doing most of the fun things. Before we left I made sure to tell her all about the "big slide" that we were going to ride, the trains that come so close you can touch them (we didn't...), the animals and hikes we could take, and the big mountains. And the neat part is that she can comprehend all of this, be excited, and look forward to it all.

We had a blast and it was so much fun sharing all of my memories and traditions with her.

Photos of our trip are up on Flickr.