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What's New in '07?

Time for the requisite family and friends update. I have been getting a lot of emails from family and friends with all the cute and cuddly details about their lives. And since my email habits are like my phone habits (I try and spend as little time on both as possible) I've been feeling a little guilty about not sharing the details that some of you love (Mom...)

First of all, it would be nice if the temperature would stay above 20 degrees for 2 straight days. I don't think I'm asking a lot here. I honestly can't remember a stretch this cold this long in my lifetime. I promise I will never make "Old People Living in Florida" jokes again. My Christmas lights are still half up...and I'm a person who can't stand it when people leave their lights up past the 26th of December. If I were to try and go on our roof at this point I am pretty sure I would either slide off on to the driveway and break something vital or slide into the power lines and fry something vital. So the lights are staying up for now - at least they're not on.

I traveled to San Francisco again in January for my job but was unable to bring Mickie along this time. It was too bad too because my second day of training was canceled. I ended up driving to Monterey Bay for the day. It is a really cool coastal town. I was going to go to the Aquarium but it was a wee bit pricey. Its always fun eating by yourself in a touristy place as well. I tried to make myself look like as little of a loser as possible by spreading out a couple folders and made it look like I was working or something. I actually just stared at the water and the sea gulls. I ended the day by driving back up the coast to SF which was really cool.

Probably the single biggest thing to happen in 2007 so far was my acquisition of a Nintendo Wii. If you don't know the Nintendo Wii is revolutionary game system that gets most of its input based on motion. So if you are playing Tennis you swing the controller just like a racket and the system picks up your motion and translates it on the screen. Mickie and I played one at our friends the Criggers' house and had a lot of fun. You know it's a good gaming system when Mick gets into it - and let me tell she gets into it. Playing tennis one day I had to cower in fear against the wall to avoid her Venus Williams like arm swings... The youth group has had a blast with it as well. Bowling is the most popular among that group.

Mia has been going through, well how do I say it, an independent stage...

I probably say this every time I write about her but I love watching her figure out new things. Her conversation gets more mature all the time and I can't believe the size of clothes Mickie bought for her the other day. She has been memorizing a lot of songs recently and the current hit is from the Little Mermaid. I have a video I'll post soon or maybe in a year... Her favorite activity right now is to make "Jumpers". Well, I actually make them she just jumps on them. For the uneducated a "jumper" is a combination of couch cushions, pillows, blankets and anything else that would break the fall of a 2 year old from about 4 feet.

This post is getting a little long so I'll spare you all the rest and try and update a little more frequently and a lot shorter.

Hopefully none of you are as dumb as this guy...