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The Greatest Invention Ever...No Really

I just found possibly one of the most useful things in my lifetime. No, not a really fast electric car, or even a Feline Stay-Fresh Drinking Fountain...(which is sold out by the way due to its immense popularity) No dear brothers and sisters I'm talking about the Procrastinator's Clock. What? Me? A Procrastinator? Those who know me best would say I am, though I like to say I manage my tasks to be done when they need to be not when they could be... Anyway this particular clock courtesy of David Seah runs 15 minutes fast. Not impressed are you? You can do that with a normal clock? Ahhh, but does your clock speed up and slow down unpredictably? Didn't think so. The slogan for this fine product is really great: "This clock runs fast up to 15 minutes...or does it?

You never know if you're 15 minutes ahead or if you're right on time - so you can't cheat.

This needs to be a function put into all alarm clocks. Why hasn't someone thought of this before? Millions of dollars are waiting to be made.

Well, I need to end this post - I'm late for work...