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Get To Know Your Opera

operopah.jpgI read a lot of tech news sites and inevitably about once a day one will mention the web browser Opera (pronounced like the funny singing). And even though its spelled differently, I guess I'm so used to seeing Oprah Winfrey's (the media mogul that has the women of America as her slaves (in another post another time I'll lay out my arguments why I believe Oprah is poised to rule the world-by force if need be)) name in print I automatically think the article is talking about her. This has led to some funny thoughts. Below are some of the more intriguing headlines I've scoured.

  • Opera experiments with new "social press release"
  • Opera Christmas Widget!
  • 10 Things You Can Do Only If You Use Opera
  • Opera Mini has inspired more than eight million users
  • Is Opera Bloated?
  • Opera is a full-featured Internet tool
  • Opera passes the Acid2 test!
  • Get to know your Opera
  • Opera has great widgets