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Future Blackmail in the Making

Since shifting my business model to be more focused on my name rather than that of my company I google my name every so often to see where I am in the rankings. It's also a good excuse to do a vanity search... For the past couple of years the top entries on almost every search engine were related to a soldier by the same name who had died in Iraq. This was quite eerie when it first happened because the soldier also happens to be from Colorado. Since I switched to Wordpress I have noticed my ranking climb higher and higher and now I am the number one ranking on Google, Yahoo, and others.

While doing this I thought I would see where Mia and Mickie ranked. They were number one as well which wasn't a huge surprise because those names are less common than Josh. What was surprising was the text that went along with Mia's entry.


So when she's 15 and being belligerent I can pull out this picture and let her know that at one point the biggest search engine in the world had a conversation about her underwear as it's number one ranking...

In case you didn't read it, google is referencing a post I made a bit ago about how on a trip Mickie and Mia switched suitcases and ended up with each others clothes. You can read about it here.

Fortunately these things are volatile and should change soon.