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Cheeseburgers - the Legal Drug

innout.jpg Besides the wheel, fire, and the internet, probably the greatest invention of all time is fast food. (Note: sarcasm is fairly hard to convey while typing without the use of "quotes" or the three dotted thingy...neither of which could convey the amount laid on by the last statement.)

I'm inclined to agree with Morgan Spurlock (of Super Size Me fame) that it is addicting. How else can you describe something that is horrible for your body but we consume in mass quantities anyway? That said I enjoy my fast food anyway.

Here are my top picks for fast food items:

  1. In 'n Out Burger
  2. KFC Famous Bowl
  3. McDonald's French Fries
  4. Jimmy John's Turkey Tom Sub
  5. Burger King Whopper w/Cheese
  6. Wendy's Frosty
  7. Fazzoli's Bread sticks