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True Patriots

This post is few days late as I intended to post it on 9/11 but better late than never. Like most people I was profoundly impacted by the events of that day. Growing up I and most of my friends could never really identify with what Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation.” The World War II Generation was one of the most patriotic and heroic generations in American history. I have never really known what it means to love my countryand to sacrifice for my country. In fact patriotism was more like a subject in school than a deep emotion.

I have never really known what it means to love my country

Even now most of us know little about true sacrifice. We are lucky to have not had to fight the majority of this war on terror on our soil. Unfortunately with the forgetful mindset of most American people I am afraid that day will eventually come. Until September 11th I never knew how it felt to have a deep emotional connection with my country. It was definitely something I took for granted. But everything changed that day. Through all of the horror that was September 11th I believe a new generation has learned in a small way what it is to be a patriot. I felt a common bond with my fellow countrymen that had never been there before.

And In the days that followed I can remember getting choked up at just the site of our flag. With that I wanted to share one of my favorite renditions of the Star Spangled Banner. It includes a dramatic reading of the story of the anthem and will give you chills.