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I know its not exclusive but one of the features I like most on my iPod is the "shuffle songs" feature. I often discover music I had forgotten I had. So today I thought I would post the first 5 songs that come up. No cheating. And here they are.

  1. Deck the Hall by the Burlington High School Choir on the Christmas Classics album (Mickie's High School Choir)
  2. Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice on the Best of album (best of what??? I'm not sure. Maybe "one hit wonder white rappers with really bad hair...")
  3. The Great Adventure by Steven Curtis Chapman on the Greatest Hits album (This song has a very cool intro.)
  4. Crazy Times by Jars of Clay on the Much Afraid Album (This is one of my favorite albums by Jars)
  5. All I Ask of You by Sara Brightman and Cliff Richard on the Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack (when I'm in the car by myself this is one of those songs I'll belt out at the top of my lungs...)
  6. I challenge those of you with the shuffle feature on your music player to post in the comments the first 5 songs that come up.