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One Man's Junk Is Another's...

All American traditions include football, baseball,apple pie,suing, and garage sales. When you think about it garage sales are actual quite snobbish. In essence you are saying "This stuff isn't worthy of me anymore. I used to like it, but I am so past that stage in my life." In our arrogance we actually think people want to buy and wear our old gym shorts. Mmmmm, sweat stains. So we are having a garage sale this weekend and I am presently in the process of turning up my nose in disgust of every reprobate creature that looks my stuff.

But the garage saler can get you back. They can browse through your stuff and turn up their nose. What?!! You don't like the lamp shaped as a women's leg with fishnet stocking?!! How insulting.

I've also noticed that you subconsciously profile each person as they handle your stuff. In my head I'm thinking: "Are you really good enough for my camera? We had some good times. We have a bond. Will you treat her well? What will you do together? You don't look like the kind of person that needs that." And so on.

In the end I hope we get rid of all this stuff and in a year I'll come to your place and buy it all back.