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Change Is In The Air

One key to successful leadership is continuous personal change. Personal change is a reflection of our inner growth and empowerment."— Robert E. Quinn

You hopefully have noticed that you are not on the same familiar site anymore.

In an effort to do more with personal branding I am moving my blog here to I was lucky enough to acquire it last year when somebody let it go. In the world of freelance web and graphic design a personal name means a lot more than a company name. I will still be operating officially as Red Letters Studio but I am making more of a concentrated effort to brand my name in the area of design.

The only major changes to the site is obviously the design, I added a portion of my portfolio, there is a contact page, and I am once again pointing everyone to Flickr to view all of the pictures.

I don't see the content of the blog changing much, though I would like to post more often.

Those of you who have subscribed through email and rss don't have to do anything. You should still continue to get notified whenever the blog is updated. Contact me if you do encounter problems.

Our email addresses have not changed either. You can still reach us at josh(at) and mickie(at)