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Spring Cleaning

As you have noticed, the site has a fresh new look. I've been using Blogger for the last year or so and I think I am ready to graduate to bigger and better things. Enter Word Press. It is a free publishing platform that is very easy to use and has tons of really cool features and extensions. Scottsbluff, NE You'll notice that you can now view all of our photos on the site again due to a sweet plug in that pulls our Flickr data into the site. There is also a [insert supurlative here] feature that allows y'all to view the pictures in the posts in a whole new way. Click on the pic to the left and prepare to have your world rocked!

Those of you who subscribe by email and rss should be getting the new posts in your inbox as well. The previous feed broke. If you aren't receiving regular updates after this please let me know so I can fix the problem.

We're having a garage sale this weekend and while normally I am a very optimistic person I don't think more than 10 people will show - but hopefully I'm wrong. Mickie's family is coming up so I'll at least get some golf in for the first time this year. My goal is to not lose all my balls and to legitimately break 110. My father-in-law got some brand new Taylor Made irons a couple months ago so I'll probably be drooling all over myself.

Wow, who would have thought President Logan was that shrewd? Was the lame duck stuff all an act??? I have to hand it to 24 - you got me again...