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I'm Sorry...

This is quite possibly one of the hardest posts I've ever had to write. I'm very emotional as I write it so if that comes out in a wrong way forgive me. I need to make a confession to everyone that reads my blog. I did something last night that I swore I would never do. I've heard stories of others that had done it and I always said to myself "that won't be me." I saw youth pastors and youth leaders do it, but I was still in denial that I could ever stoop so low. My guilt and shame have gotten the best of me today and I can't bear it anymore. I need to confess.

I signed up for a myspace account...

Don't judge me all at once. I fought this with everything I had, and in one moment last night all of my willpower came crashing down. I sat in front of the computer with glazed eyes and couldn't help myself. Throughout the late hours of the night I was in deep in a myspace frenzy editing my profile, feverishly searching for old high school friends, wondering when I would quit being a "myspace loser" and actually get some friends, trying to figure out how in the world to get a song on my profile, and finally figuring out that clicking "home" at the top of the page lets you edit stuff.

So there you have it. My confession. I deeply regret my actions. One piece of advice: never say it won't happen to you-because before you know it you'll be in up to y'ur neck! For those of you who want to see the incarnate evil that is my myspace page, click here.