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Mia at the PianoEvery morning I have my routine. I get up (or I'm forced up by my wife), I shower, I buy some carmel and mocha cappucino from Kum and Go (mmmmm), I drive to work, and I read my rss news feeds. (I also get dressed and brush my teeth in case you had a really weird picture of me walking into work...) But it's the last item on my list that is important. I get so many ideas and random bits of knowledge from this time it makes it invaluable to me. So I thought I would share the links to my absolute favs. Maybe you've heard of them, maybe you haven't but here we go. Note that the links are to the rss feeds not the actual sites themselves. If you're not sure what rss is check out this article. I use the Sage Reader - a free extension for the Firefox browser.

By the way, we did have more than 10 people show up at our garage sale and we were able to get rid of some stuff - though nobody wanted my cute Taco Bell dog that says "Heeeere lizzard lizzard lizzard." Strange...



  • Make Magazine - This is a colection of DIY projects that range from insanely cool to insanely inane.
  • Lifehacker - one of the best sites for useful everyday info


  • Woot - They sell one thing a day, normally for a crazy price.

Stuff for Ministry

  • Church Beauty - a collection of the best church web site designs
  • Church Marketing Sucks - great tips and articles on the failure of the church in communicating relevantly today.

Web and Graphic Design

Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite RSS Feeds are.