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Acting Like a Chicken with Wet Hands

I am a big proponent of common sense (though some would say I fail to practice it at times). On a daily basis I come across stuff that was clearly not thought enough about. Case in point: in one of the men's restrooms at work the paper towel dispensers are about as high up on the wall as humanly possible. Vince Carter would have a hard time getting his hands dry in the proper fashion. The height is not really the thing that is frustrating - it is the fact that every time I reach up with wet hands, all the water ends up running down my arm, over my elbow and into my shirt. I've tried various manuvers to ward off the annoying trickle. My favorite is the chicken wing. I put my elbow as high up in the air as I can without breaking my arm and then proceed to jab down on the dispensor in a sort of short pecking motion. I've also tried the "pull the torn edge from the previous paper towel and hope the next comes with it" manuver. Though that rarely works.

So next time you have a relatively simple task to accomplish, take a minute and think about the long term consequences of your actions. You may have to endure walking into a mens room and being exposed to my foolishness.