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The View of the Promise Land

We left Jordan today en route to the Sea of Galilee. We stopped at a Greek Orthodox church to see the oldest existing map of the Holy Land. It was a mosaic laid into the floor around 600 a.d. I wore sandals today and ending up taking them off as the walk was mostly uphill. Mt. Nebo, JordanThe next stop took us to Mt. Nebo where Moses saw the Promise Land that he could not enter and died. It was a spectacular view and would have been even more so except for the haze. From the top of the mountain we could clearly see the Jordan river valley, the city of Jericho, and the Jordan river flowing into the Dead Sea.

We are in the city of Tiberius tonight. We will be staying in the same hotel for 3 straight nights! It will be nice not to have to repack everything after just one night.

I am coming to you live from McDonalds! All the hotels in the downtown area either didn't have a wireless connection or you had to pay for it. So I finally found some free wifi at McDonalds...I'm lovin' it.

Highlight of the day: Seeing what Moses saw from Mt. Nebo. Lowlight of the day: Spewing chocolate on myself while attempting to talk. Wacky item of the day: Having luggage cart races around the parking lot of the Jordan Israel border while waiting for our passports to be processed. We tried to get Dr. John and Dr. Schmidt to participate but they declined. Quote of the day: "We like to put the 'fun' back in fundamentalism."

Tomorrow we walk where Christ walked! Awesome!