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Internet Explorer 7 - Eye Candy at Best

The wait is finally over...kinda. Microsoft has released the beta version of IE 7 which has promised to be more standards complient (something I am just learning to do myself) and have improved features. I downloaded it a couple days ago and I am pretty impressed - though there is not a lot that is new that the other browsers don't have, the text rendered by the browser is stunning. It is so easy on the eyes to read, going back to Firefox feels like someone is stabbing my eyeballs. But functionality over beauty will ultimately rule so unless IE 7 can garner the ammount of 3rd party extensions Firefox has it will continue to loose ground.

Firefox 2.0 is set to be released this summer and if it can match the same clearness of text IE 7 has, Microsoft is doomed to be slain by ghost of its former nemesis.

If you want a treat for the eyes test out the new beta version.

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