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2.5 Million and Counting

The first full day of sightseeing was a wonder to behold-literally. Of the seven wonders of the ancient world, only one is still surviving - The Pyramids of Giza. They are a lot closer to the city then I expected. We had maybe driven 15 minutes from our hotel and I happened to look out the window and bam-there they were. It was very surreal at first. I had seen pictures of these things countless times in books and movies yet there they were larger than life. Dad and Sphinx in EgyptThe biggest one has over 2.5 million stones and each stone weighs between 1-2 tons. That's a big enchilada. We were also able to climb on the pyramids - something I would have never imagined possible. You can also go inside. We did and for about 300 yards you walk up and down ramps bending almost completely over. If you have any type of claustrophobia this would not be for you. The tunnel finally opened into a large room approximately 50 feet long by 20 feet wide by 30 feet high. Not a big deal until you realize it was carved from a single stone. There was a sarcophagus near the end that I had to lay down in of course. It was a perfect fit. Now I just have to worry about The Rock or some other mummy coming after me for sleeping in his bed...

Today's fun fact You could fill your car with a tank of gas for around $5... Who wants a stuffed camel for a souvenir when you could bring home some cheap gas?

The highlight of the day: Seeing the pyramids in person and riding a camel (careful they spit...)

The lowlight of the day: Paying a dollar for a warm Coke.

Tip of the day: Watch your step, camels don't wear those fancy bags on their behinds like horses do...

What tomorrow brings: A trip under the Suez Canal, across the Sinai and into the resort town of Elat (the Las Vegas of Israel). Shalom!

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