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The Toil of the Desktop Calendar

Anyone else feel guilty when you get behind a few days on your desktop day by day calendar? Getting a daily desktop calendar for Christmas feels like a commited long term relationship and if you're not in for the long haul you are sure to break your vows. This is how it normally goes... The weekend came, Monday morning was crazy and before you know it papers are piled high and the poor desktop calendar gets shoved to the back. Only when you emerge from your paper disaster do you see the corner of the little desktop calender peeking from above the fray- and that is when the guilt hits. You've let him down - you promised to spend a little time each morning laughing at his cartoons, or marveling at his little bits of wisdom and trivia only he can provide.

You promise it won't happen again, but deep down you know its just a matter of time before you look down and your calendar says June 2nd and the real date is September 3rd. Sometimes you'll try to get back on track. You'll rip out an entire 3 month section to try and make things right, but you're out of the habit now. Another month passes and the same Far Side cartoon from September 4th is staring back at you - sadly, with crumpled edges. It is then when you give up and say "Next year I'll do better little desktop calendar. I promise I'll change you every day. We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll dance a jig...until next year little calendar."