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What's known in Florida as the Eventual Post

I am way past due for a post. I have thought about for the last few days but have failed to think of any particular topic that I wanted to write about. I have been wanting to start a more focused blog on technology in ministry but I don't feel that this is the appropriate place. When I get more time...ha ha...I plan to start that blog of my personal portfolio site ( I have a real passion for this area of ministry and see it as something that is under the radar for most churches. As the internet and technology are continually expanding into our lives it should make sense that it expands into our ministry as well. We need to be working on reaching all people where they are at and not waiting for them to come to us.

Family Update: Some of know that Mickie had surgery about a week and a half ago. She had her gallbladder removed because it had been giving her some pains. Everything went very well and she has suffered no ill effects. She is on a lifting restriction however and still can't pick up Mia. That obviously complicates life a bit when trying to control and raise a toddler.

We had a good Thanksgiving at Mickie's parents house. Their whole extended family usually gets together and it was at the Hyde's house this year. That made for a bit of a crowed house but it was neat to be able to experience a big family coming together. The Broncos were on national TV and did not disappoint - though I was a bit worried coming down the stretch. We still have leftovers and according to most health experts most of your leftovers should be thrown away by now...

We got most of our Christmas decorations up including a brand new pre-lit tree. That's right pre-lit. As in I didn't have to string any lights on the tree. That rules. I don't why these aren't more popular. Maybe they are and I am just naive. I am still reeling on how easy the tree went up and for once I wasn't frustrated and ready to be done with the whole ordeal... You can see pictures of Mia decorating the tree on our photostream on Flickr. There are also new pictures from Thanksgiving as well as the Fall.

I will try and write a little more often as a lot of things are going on during the holidays. Hope everyone is warm!

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