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The Year in Review - The First Quarter

I was all set to do my version of our year in review when out of nowhere I got a call from Ted Koppel. It seemed that is lieu of his retirement he missed the excitement of the tough interview and wanted to get back in the saddle one more time. Coming to an ABC special sometime on the second Tuesday of next week, "Mia, The Byers Family, and the Year that Was - A Koppel Special." Just make sure that when you read it, you imitate Ted's voice... Ted: Mia it'?s good to finally meet you in person. I'?ve been following you since you were born, but it is a pleasure to talk to you face to face.

Mia: Thanks Ted, I feel honored that you'?re ending your career on such a high note. Say do you want to see my new blocks?

Ted: We'?ll get to that in a moment. How about we start at the beginning? What were you doing in January?

Mia: It's kind of hard for me to think that far back, I mean come on Ted can you remember what you were doing half your life ago?

Ted: Uh, well, I believe I was in Europe, yeah that sounds good, Europe.

Mia: Well, one thing did come to my mind. I seem to recall experiencing snow for the first time. Shortly after I lobbied my dad to move to California.

Ted: traumaticamatic experience indeed. So anything else happen you would like to share.

Mia: Yeah, I heard my dad mention California shortly after and I got real excited, but the frivolity turndisappointmentntment when I learned that he was just singing a beach boys song.

Ted: Yes, I too have experienced sadness when listening to the Beach Boys - their later albums were never the same...but enough about that. Lets get back to your year. February. Tell me about it.Mia: Again Ted, my memory is a little fuzzy but I have visions of one of my Aunt's coming to visit. Yes, it's all coming back to me now I affectionately call her: Ahbiahbiahbi. Say, have you seen my blocks? Ted: Yes, and very nice ones they are. Let's discuss Easter. This was your first one was it not?

Mia: Yes, and I really don't know why I had to sit on the cold ground for that long. My dad is insanely obsessed with taking pictures - I mean for crying out loud do you need to get the perfect shot all the time???

Ted: Do I dectect some animosity towards your Father? How long has this been going on?

Mia: No, I was just caught up in the moment. I guess its okay, I mean look at me. I'm gorgeous.

Ted: That you are, and on a side note I'm glad to see the celebrity hasn't gone to your head.

Mia: Do I detect a little animosity from you Ted?

Ted: None at all little one, none at all. Well, that about wraps up the first quarter. We'll take a short break and when we come back we'll discuss turning one, the pool, and the coffee table incident. Don't go away.

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