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Modeling in Titletown

For those of you that don't know I am doing some training on 3ds Studio Max and finally found my way to the frozen tundra. I am in class now waiting for it to begin. This will be entry number one in detailing my experiences here. My intial impressions are a little overwhelming. I am very impressed with the setup. Each workstation has a 21 inch monitor and what looks like a custom built system. It is very cozy in the classroom. It would be a little better if we had more room to write, but we'll see how that works out. They do have cold frappuccino for us though which is very cool. I will most likely be the most inexperienced person in the class, so I hope I don't get left behind - it will be interesting to see how the class is managed being that there are most likely a wide range of experiences. Just in the initial conversation before the class starts however I am very interested to dive in and learn this stuff. More later...

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