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Back Into the Fray

I survived my weekend in Green Bay - though I think they entrusted me with some of their lovely viral specimans... I should have rented a car instead of walking everywhere in the sub-zero temps. Live and learn. My brain is slowly putting itself back together. The training was very good, and it was really cool to see what could be done using a 3d Modeling program. I am a bit down as well, knowing that I will never have the time to really use the program for what it can do.

I always struggle on Mondays trying to figure out where I left off when I took off last week. I suppose I could take notes or something, but it seems like I spend half my morning figuring out what to do next instead of jumping right in. Any solutions or helpful hints?

I got our Christmas cards done last night. A friend of ours who does free-lance photography came over last week and took some really great pictures. We are planning to mail those out tomorrow so hopefully everyone on our mailing list will get them before Christmas - if not just blame the mail... If you don't get one and would like one just let me know. I will also post it on Flickr to download. The standard Christmas letter might be included if I get it done, if not you will have to direct people to our website to find out all that happened this year. I'll do a year in review post sometime in the next week or so.

I get to travel some more in January but this time it is to a place a bit warmer. I am training a client near San Fransico. I've been there a couple times and it is one of my favorite places to visit. I would never live there - just too much, but it is a very cool place to visit. I'll take lots of pictures so you all can experience it with me.

Mia, started saying "I love you" over the weekend in a full recognizable sentance. Is there anything cooler than to have your kid tell you that they love you? (even if they don't know what it means...) I grinned ear to ear for several minutes she told me on the phone this morning.

I heard a rumor that Mickie is doing baking today...hope its true.

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