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What's in Pandora's Box?

Like the sands through the hourglass, so are the posts of my blog... Not much to report from the homeland in the heartland. Work is awesome. I am working on developing a completely new web site for our company. The new site will be radically more sophisticated and useful, and it will look better too.

I think a light turned on in Mia's head a couple weeks ago as she has begun to use full sentances. Her cognisence has grown noticably by leaps and bounds. Way cool. There are no new pictures or videos right now, but after next week I should be able to get some up and running.

This week I have planning our major Jr. High activity of the year. This years Youth Feast and Fun Fest should trump the other years (if we can pull it off). No spoilers yet till its over-sorry guys. In my next post I will report on how it went and what we actually did.

I will be traveling to Portland on Monday to participate in some software training for some clients. If there are any readers in Portland maybe we could get together for some coffee. Should be fun, though being away from home is never all its cracked up to be.

And now for this weeks really cool thing. The website will read your mind and introduce you to new music. The way it works is by entering the neame of a band or a song you really like. It will then search its database for similar music and spit out a playlist you can listen to. It didn't find the two artists I searched for but found the third and its pretty cool! Give it a try.

Just want to give a few shout Abi, hang in there-college rules! Tim and Patty, congrats on the baby-parenthood rules! everyone else-Rejoice! God is good!

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